Setup Help


Need help getting setup?

Take a look at the quick setup guide here

If using avast or kasperski you must disable your av during install.
(Our software (& many others of this platform) have been submitted for their review but from past experience we know they will not reply)

Watch a quick vid on how to set admin rights properly

Some tips

Disable your av and firewall wile installing, it may have blocked some of the software already
– to determine if this is so , uninstall the program from program files, navigate to program files x86 \

business lister and see if there is anything in there.. if so your av mights have quarantined it..

Software is highly secure and has a encrypted exe in the exe which throws false positives. Free av never update

their signature databases so we cant do anything about it despite our best efforts.

Simply delete the files and install over with it off and allowed through.

If you receive an error such as 001 then you need to run as administrator like so



Still Stuck? Contact us and we will guide you through the install with team viewer at a mutually convenient time!