Maintaining Category Consistency With Major Players MOZ and Places Business Listings – Add Business Listings Fundamentals Video Series – 2 OF 3




Importance Of Business Listing Category Selection

Its important to be aware of the factors effecting your local business listing and none more so than defining the correct category for your business right from the start.  When your adding your local business listing to sites like Moz,Google & Bing places you will come to the point where you have to choose a few categories to accurately represent the types of products and services your company provides. You should not overlook the importance of this critical step in order to target the right audience on the portal.

Search engines consider a business listing as being primarily relevant for keyword phrases that directly relate to your specified categories. If you select inappropriate categories it will directly effect the viability of your local business listing being added to the top results. You’ll quickly find yourself loosing rank to competitors who have taken the initiative to properly categorized their business details.

Choosing the best categories each time you create a local business listing significantly improves the relevance of your business in searches for your chosen categories and can quickly be done when you first analyze your clients business needs.  Take a look at the moz categories here to see how your business fits in and what adjustments may be needed to make the listing cover a broader range of sites.  Don’t concentrate on only the final drilled down category also choose generic categories to gain a wider audience.

Once you have your generic and drilled down categories figured out don’t forget to add them to your add business listing sheet from video 1