After Install I receive an error

Please ensure you are running the software will full administrator rights as noted here   http://screencast.com/t/0DWaAqXG

You may need to either create an exception for the software folder and exe or temp disable your av and firewall during updates. (Updates are decrypted on download which can throw a false positive)

I get an error saying my unlock key is wrong or my trial has expired

Please forward your purchase receipt or welcome email to support @ microbot .co or http://www.business-lister.com/Contact/

Where can I learn how to set up business lister settings for a new client?

What countries does it add listings to?

Business listings submitter will add your business listing to over 130 sites across USA, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Malaysia and Australia.

How many sites can it post to?

Business listings submitter is constantly updated with new sites and old or no longer working sites are removed. Currently there are 130 high authority business listing sites (across all countries), thousands of directories and social groups.