Empire Avenue Bot

Empire Avenue BOT

Updated Oct 19th/12 to V2.74 – Added Complex Stat Monitor + UI update, Fixes

Empire Avenue is a great new social experience and game where you have fun building up your social networks.

It’s a social game with cool networking features built in. It’s not a social platform with gaming features.

So why should I use the Empire Avenue Bot ?

BEmpire Avenue BOTecause its cool and  you can build thousands of friends and followers, have your pages, posts, videos and more liked and shared wide to all the major social networks. Build Klout, acquire followers and interact with like minded social net workers.

Empire Avenue is a new social game platform where you earn virtual currency for being sociable. The more social you are, the more virtual currency you will earn and the bigger your Social Networking Empire will become.

You can use your virtual currency to invest in people and brands on the Empire Avenue social stock market. Rewarding people for engaging with your content. You can “pay” other people to interact with your social networking sites, pages, posts, links, videos and/or products, which will quickly increase your social klout and SERP exposure.
You will get more fans, followers, more visitors to your sites & videos, more circle members and increase your social signals.  There are many different ways this game will instantly benefit your online business.

That said, the benefits of playing Empire Avenue aren’t just in the game. Yes the game is very addicting and you will indeed find yourself spending more time playing this game than you thought possible. Make no mistake Empire Avenue is for individuals, brands, businesses, services, and anything else you want to promote or sell.



Empire Avenue Bot







Empire Ave BOT Features

  • Check for new accounts to invest in user defined internals (30 sec to 48 hours)
  • Remove under performing stocks by trend direction and dividend payout per share
  • Scrape and contact Empire Avenue contacts facebook, G +, Twitter & LinkedIn profiles – send messages asking to be friends, send links etc.
  • Monitor Empire Avenue Balance and Share Values
  • Shout out a sales link (spinnable comments), list build or affiliate link
  • Watch all the action – STOP at any time
  • Save & Load account details
  • Address your stock by their first name
  • Use Spinnable Comments to create hundreds of unique combinations to rotate your offers and appear more unique
  • Investment limitations
  • Generate (e)aves (money for emp ave) on autopilot!
  • Never invest in the same person twice (unless you want to based on set criteria)
  • Invest in the highest Div returning stocks
  • Invest in the top new arrival leader
  • Use unique comments custom tailored to specific user types (investment/reinvestment)
  • Set Maximum Share price
  • Set Minimum Share Value to add from
  • Set wait and check for new arrival delays
  • Reinvestment in your shareholders module (awesome way to keep shouting out!)
  • Remove low performing stocks by trend or div value (protect or dump new arrivals(fresh faces))
  • 100% accuracy
  • Many speed increases
  • Multi threaded operations


  • Gather up every user you invest in’s facebook, twitter, gplus and linked in profiles to their own lists for later use.
  • Invite new friends, associates and circle members.- Tweet out to your investments
  • Send additional offers, list building
  • Possibilities are endless with these super fresh lists of red hot leads you will be generating with your own (pre qualified) social activity on autopilot

Only $27 for 6 month GOLD membership

(The gold membership entitles you to ALL member BONUS downloads
BUT does not include business listing submitter, plus commander software or mass coupon submitter.)
  • Business Listing Submitter
  • Mass Coupon Submitter
  • Plus Commander

DOES Include the following bonus’ inside members dashboard

  • Full members area dashboard and forums
  • Contact us bot
  • Brand Reveal bot
  • Social account creator (10+top social network sites)
  • Youtube video transcribe to article BOT
  • World Classified Ad Blaster (BETA)


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