Business Listings Software VS Single Listing Services

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Business Listings Software VS Single Listing Services

Skip the middle man and get right to the heart of your business listings. So smart, simple, and technologically advanced, you will wonder how you ever got by without it.

We’ve built more functionality into a better business tool in ten months than our competitors have in over ten years. Stop dragging your feet. Take a look at all the things you can do with business listings submitter software.

Exclusive Business Adding Features

Submit to over 75 of the top authority local business directories and custom sites. 

Add Business ListingsSocial
We built this Business Listings Software to take full advantage of Facebook, Twitter, G Plus local, and other social media. Unlike other products, social media isn’t an afterthought it’s built in from the start.

100% White Hat SEO
Our SEO strategy for small businesses has been designed to be 100% white hat from the beginning. That means that we would never risk your reputation or your client’s for a temp increase in Google SERP’s.  We help you and your clients win while playing within the rules. Submitting your business listings is the same no matter where its placed you will not be penalized for having the same address and description across many listings sites.

Give local small businesses the online presence they’ve been craving.

Your customers will appreciate:

– Accurate detailed business listings (over 60 fields of data)
– The most robust 100% White Hat SEO on the market
– Image uploads, video, maps and more
– Integrated social media like Facebook, Twitter, G Plus and Linkedin.
– The ability to create deals and coupons. *requires Mass Coupon Submitter – Special offer for customers inside members dash area
– Most important – Quality leads from searching active customers.Seo Managers will appreciate:

– Ease of use
– Not paying rediculous costs to distribute business listings from third parties
– Saving and recalling user and business profiles with a single click
– Detailed submission status reports you can share with your clients
– Managing your own listing your own way – submitting all at once or slowly dripping out

The business listings software/tool is under constant development. Lock in now, for life before the price increases with the addition of new countries and additional business directories.

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