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Business listings submitter works best when used in three stages.
Local Authority Placement – Directory Submission – Social Presence

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First Submission

It is recommended to create a new Gmail account for each new business, that way you can give it to the business owner after and also use it to manage the listing.  You can however also use the business url, if so leave the gmail account blank in social setup and the software will prompt you on launch if you want to use business email.  Your account needs to be verified.

If your client already has a Google Places listing then you can start by using the scrape function in tab 1-2 to gather some details from the listing. Fine tune and ensure all fields are completed (business descriptions,social,hours,etc.) before saving the project as the business name.


1. Primary Authority Submissions (Tab1)

Primary page to publish business listings once you have added your new business in tab 1-2 “Add New Business”. You can then submit to all of the authority sites at once, or slowly drip them out one by one.

2. Secondary Tier 2 directory submissions (Tab2) to verified authority submission properties

Further separate the tier 2 lists out in groups of 10-20 to “drip” out to php link directories this will help you edge out other higher placed results. Point these links to T1 authority links

3. Social group posting (Tab3) of listing & special offers

Add social presence to your listings with the facebook group submitter or just blast out your latest offer to niche related groups for instant sales.

Click a button to learn more

User Interface Panels Breakdown

Authority Submitter

Captcha Setup

Captcha Setup

Begin by  accessing the Captcha Settings in the tools menu.


Choose your provider and enter your details. Your balance will appear in the following window. * Capcha not necessary you can do manually


Add New Client

Adding A New Business Listing

Get started by clicking the first tab “Authority Submitter” it will drop down to expose “Add New Business”
Click through to enter your business listings details in the provided fields.


Add New Business


If the business your entering already has a business listing on google places click “Scrape New” and enter your google places url.

The software will navigate to your page and gather up business details. This is not perfect, double check the listing and fill
in any missing details before saving your new business project.  The more information you enter the more successful your

listing will be.  The majority of these sites are human verified and take a few days up to a few months in the case of apple maps.

*Note your listing is saved as the “Business Name” you may view your listing details csv in my documents\Projects\


  • Create a username out of the business name, try to make it unique
  • Use an 10-12 character pass for bus pass starting with a letter, containing one capitol and one number is best.
  • Fill all fields
  • Don’t use commas in address, no problem in descriptions.
First Submission

Loading & First Submission Run

Click through to “Start New Project” to get to the main submissions interface. * You must have a saved project to continue see “Add New Client Button”


To begin choose your business name (Project) from the drop down menu and click LOAD.
Your business listing will populate the add business fields if not already loaded.
** The single site drop down will change to reflect the country chosen in “Add New Business”

To begin submission set a delay (higher if your manually solving captcha)
Choose number of threads to run (amount of sites to run at once. The more powerful your pc the more threads you can run)

Click Run All to begin processing your submissions all together or choose a single site from the drop down and click Single. Stop to stop right away.

* note your progress in the project results window and below

Additional Functions

Business Audit

 Website Audit

To audit a site start by entering the phone # and business name into the “Add New Business” Tab – you do not need to save it to perform an audit.


Once you have entered your business name and phone # click “Audit:” from Tab1 “Start Project” to being the audit.

Audit business listing

The software will navigate to Yext and scrape the listing visibility results into a chart you can archive or send to a potential client.


You can fine tune the results as you see fit click save current table to name and save your business audit .csv file to disk.

Tier 2 Directories

Directory Submitter (Tier 2 links)

Click through to the stand alone directory submitter


The directory submitter is a stand alone phpld directory submitter you can simply load a list of sites into and blast away. Lists available and sorted by page rank and captcha in members area.

Please note these are not junk links but they are not very high authority links either. It is recommended to point these links at an authority listing NOT to your home page.

To start load your business listing you wish to use then select the closest category matching your niche.

Choose to use captcha or not (This can eat through captchas)

Click start to begin and Stop to stop right away.  Follow your progress in submission status window

Facebook Posting

Facebook Group Posting

Click through to the facebook group poster


Log into your facebook account and authorize the software (may receive a script error just disregard its from the webpage and unrelated (see FB Support below for troubleshooting)

Group posting is a two step process. You must join the groups first before you can post to them. There is an included a group search feature but you will need to join them manually.

Click search to search for groups related to your niche & location, any local directories or chamber of commerce you can think of at first.
Later on you can start to also post offers into free advertising and business directories as well.
Save your approved list with ID in the second column editing out unsuitable and irrelevant results to begin posting.

Load your list and click FB group post, follow along instructions and preview submission, set delay before posting.

Main Settings

General Settings

Authority Submitter (General Settings)

Click through to the software general settings


You can contact us through the software or on site through the menu.  Clicking contact here will open in your default browser.

Update log – Check the update log to see latest updates (sometimes I miss this)

Utilities – Clear cookies – the software will by default clear cookies on certain sites and launch. (You may disable it here if desired)

Debugging – Only enable if advised by support for debugging only



**Please note proxies are only required if doing multiple listings per day or if our of country you are targetting


Business listings submitter supports HTTP & SOCKS proxies with or with out user name & pass
in this format

If using a single or list of proxies load the list up in load file and click load.
Additionally you may test your proxies, click change to test the next save out your good proxies and proceed.

To use HMA toggle use hma and it will switch IP on launch (for better targetting choose state or province in hma before running *do not need to check)
Once your list is load you can enable it on the Change toggle switch and it will load a new proxy on each run * NOT EACH SITE

FB Troubleshooting

FB Troubleshooting

Problems with facebook graph API generally stem from authorization of the application.
If you have problems or no results you will need to set authorization in facebook
Log in then click GET ACCESS TOKEN Button here 

In the box that pops up check ALL of the little boxes in both tabs (User and Extended Tabs)
(Dont worry BLS ONLY posts to groups)


Those that continue to have issues authenticating

Disable login notifications (all)

login to facebook , go to settings then to security edit browser
notifications and login notifications and make sure they are fully disabled and save

HMA Proxies Recommended for best results with proxy use

Get a PDF copy of this user manual here (coming soon)
Software Install Guide

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