Business Link Directories

Business Link Directories

Submit your business listing to top quality link directories from an assortment of low to high pr niche link directory sites up to PR7.

Business Link Directory SubmitterFeel free to create your own custom lists by combing the lists as you choose. We spent a lot of time going through all of the listings and have divided them by page rank. The lists are divided into two groups. Low pr and high pr. The low pr list is pr 0 to 2 and the high pr lists is pr 3 to PR 7 and includes an assorted bonus no captcha list.

There is a lot of debate about link directories and their effectiveness. We have tested all of these links on our sites with no problems. That said we do not recommend combing all the lists and blasting them all at once.

As always well placed assorted links and anchors from a mix of both low and high pr sites is most effective.

We have divided the link directories by PR below.


50 No Capture Mixed PR
136 PR 1
122 PR 2
102 PR 3
58 PR 4
33 PR 5
13 PR 6
4 PR 7

List total = 1011 sites

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PR0-2 List

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PR 3-7 List + Bonus no captcha list

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