Add Australian Business Listings In V3 Of Business Listings Submitter Software

You can now publish business listings to Australian business directories!

The newest version of business listings submitter software can now distribute business listings throughout all Australian States and Territories.

All previously locked functions have been released for Australian customers. So take advantage of these new listings sites and the entirely new market it opens up with it.  Using business listing submitter you can manage all your business listings from one central location. Easily save and load your or your clients projects and generate reports of your progress. In fact you can even perform audit reports on your clients now this will help you find new clients and keep track of existing ones.

Our local citation submitter software will submit your business listings to the top authority business listings sites available. With our local business software your problem of submitting business listings to authority sites, business directories and social groups is now a thing of the past.

Fine tune your listings by including logo’s, videos and over 60 business listing details. With business listings submitter you can focus on the higher profile listings sites and the smaller more niche specific business directories. All total business listings submitter comes packed with over 1000 submission sites and you can easily add more of your own. You cant go wrong having a dedicated business tool for your business , saving you hundreds of dollars per submission and allowing projects to be easily managed by one person instead of hiring a dedicated team for this one task. We don’t limit the amount of submissions you can make, once your subscribed you get all updates and there are many and often. Please be proactive with your comments to see them implemented in future updates.

Learn how you can help your clients add Australian business listings now..